Pre-registration MX Pokal - Las Vegas

ponedjeljak, 08 siječnja 2024

For the 2024 season, we have decided to hold a recreational motocross championship intended for recreational riders.

A riders's license is not required to drive the championship. The MAIN and BIGGEST prize is a HUSQVARNA FC250 2025, will be drawn for all participating competitors of all organized races. The championship will consist of four races. The planned locations are: Aquileia (Italy), Semič, Boltija and Ribnik (Croatia).





The MAIN PRIZE FC 250 2025!



The categories that will be available for riders are: 50ccm, 65ccm, 85ccm, Woman, Bronze 250, Bronze 450, MX 125, Veteran 40, Veteran 50, Enduro 4takt, Enduro 2takt, Silver 250, Silver 450 and Gold.

  • The 50ccm category is intended for younger riders aged 5 to 8 years.
    The 65ccm category is intended for younger riders aged 7 to 12 years.
    The 85ccm category is intended for younger riders between 12 and 15 years old.

BRONZE 250, is intended for beginner drivers who have not yet competed and would like to take part in a motocross race for the first time. The category itself is limited to 250cc engines, both 2t and 4t.

The BRONZE 450 is also intended for beginner drivers and differs only in the capacity of the aggregates or engines.

The MX125 category is intended exclusively for 125 2-stroke motorcycles, from the age of 14 (no upper age limit).

The categories: VETERAN 40 and VETERAN 50 are intended for drivers over 40 and 50 years of age. In this category, there is NO limit on the volume of the aggregate.

The ENDURO category is intended for drivers who participate in most Enduro competitions and have an Enduro motorcycle. The special feature of this category is that only riders with ENDURO MOTORCYCLES can take part in it. Within the category there are two subcategories which are divided into ENDURO 2-T and ENDURO 4-T.

The SILVER category is intended for drivers with competitive experience, but who are still recreational. The SILVER category is divided into SILVER 250ccm and SILVER 450ccm.

GOLD category: experienced competitors, former professional competitors, and everyone who is paving their professional path in motocross competition take part here. In the GOLD category, there is no restriction on engine capacity.

Vintage Bikes: category dedicated to old-timers, with older motorcycles. There is no lower limit regarding the age of the engine, it is only the upper limit of the year 1995. You can compet with old MX bikes or old ENDURO.

Saturday 16.3. program: 

- 50ccm

- 65ccm

- 85ccm

- Woman

- Bronze 250

- Bronze 450

Sunday 17.3. program: 

- Silver 250

- Silver 450

- Veteran 40

- Veteran 50

- Enduro 2-t

- Enduro 4-t

- MX 125

- Gold